college girls and our love for the bachelor

ah the bachelor. yes, we all know its fake and we still indulge in it anyways.


it is because the bachelor is perfectly mirrored by college dating culture.

in an age of snapchat streaks and right swipes, we relate all too well to the women of bachelor nation. we are a pool of dazzlingly worthy women, vying for the attention of emotionally unavailable boys, hiii Matt James and pilot Pete. we are accustomed to feeling like options. we let ourselves cry and question why we are not good enough, when we were never the issue. like the lovely women on the bachelor, we mostly desire relationships, but instead of being pursued, we let ourselves entertain the thought of other women being our competition. and sometimes, we rise above the illusion of “competition” when we enter into real relationships with our sisters. this is a small victory in the grand scheme of college relationships.

but mostly, we win the second we stop enabling our college dorms and dating apps to be real life versions of the bachelor. we find freedom in knowing that we deserve to be pursued and adored, not treated like a contestant on a reality tv show. when that clicks in our brains, my fellow college ladies, let’s live with that confidence, and keep the bachelor as ONLY quality wine night trash tv.



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