my future husband (a checklist)

here is a list (that I will be adding to) of non-negotiable qualities for my future husband ❤

  1. has a real and honest relationship with Jesus Christ and will go to mass and adoration with me and raise a catholic family
  2. our love allows us to love the people around us better
  3. open to life (4-5 kids) and WANTS to adopt
  4. family oriented
  5. has a BIG heart
  6. hospitable
  7. has healthy male and female friendships with people of all ages
  8. reminds me of my dad 🙂
  9. entrepreneur
  10. loves and encourages my creativity
  11. buys me flowers (frequently)
  12. values hard work and has a good job that he loves
  13. loves the outdoors
  14. prioritizes travel
  15. has a budget and sticks to it
  16. has healthy hobbies and creative outlets
  17. does not watch porn
  18. pro-life
  19. makes ALL women feel valued, respected, and comfortable
  20. is my best friend
  21. full of practical knowledge
  22. a handy man
  23. eats healthy and works out regularly
  24. thinks I’m beautiful and reminds me that every single day
  25. encourages me to be a better person
  26. lets me encourage him
  27. has a heart for ministry
  28. knows his beliefs and sticks to them
  29. tells dad jokes
  30. thinks I’m as funny as I think I am
  31. takes responsibility for his actions and knows how to apologize
  32. artsy fartsyy
  33. our relationship brings me PEACE

can’t wait to meet u hun:) xoxo, jf

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