when you don’t feel “pretty”

feeling pretty is a myth.

There’s something about our culture that has planted the idea in innocent little girls’ brains that feeling pretty is essential to confidence.

and some days, we wake up and we feel beautiful. or perhaps we don’t wake up feeling beautiful, but we subscribe to the recipe of conventional beauty, a multi-step routine that allows us (specifically women) to clone ourselves into the stupid standard of beauty that is set by social media and a billion dollar industry.

I have fed into this lie for years. The lie that I need to “feel” pretty. its a myth, a fleeting feeling that is there one minute and gone the next. some days I do feel pretty, and I love that feeling. it’s just not persistent.

the good news is, feeling pretty literally DOESN’T MATTER. food tastes just as delicious, sunshine soaking into your skin is just as therapeutic, laughing with close friends is just as life-giving, holding a sleeping baby is just as soothing, the love between you and your favorite humans is just as powerful, and life’s experiences are just as crazy and wonderful and weird and beautiful.

life is so much bigger than feeling pretty. you don’t want to remember spending hours tearing yourself apart in front of a mirror or obsessing over your insecurities and let those feelings ruin a glorious experience.

let go of those feelings that are LYING to your beautiful soul.

when you don’t feel pretty either decide that you ARE pretty (because fundamentally, you are) and move on with your day, or embrace that you don’t feel pretty AND YOU JUST DON’T HAVE TO. you need to experience that freedom.



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